Christian Grevstad IIDA, NCIDQ
Christian Grevstad is an interior designer for our times – a traveler, who finds challenges in studying art and architecture, learning to fly, defying his Norwegian bloodline to speak French – not just in design, but from the heart, the way he hears it from another life, another time. Grevstad began his journey into design on the rugged confines of a commercial fishing boat in Alaska at the age of 11. Decades later, this award-winning Washington State native is still expressing the thrill from that initial brush with the power of nature, weaving it into the fabric of his design.
     Grevstad’s wanderlust led him to Chapman College, where he spent time onboard a ship – the World Campus Afloat – that circumnavigated the world. A two-year stint at USC followed, during which studies in medicine only served to confirm his interest in the arts. He later graduated from the University of Washington with a BFA in interior design in 1979. In 1982, he passed the NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification) exam, and became a professional member of IIDA (International Interior Design Association). Not surprisingly, he has completed the interior design on one of the world’s largest yachts.
     Over the years, Grevstad has continued his quest for enlightenment, traveling throughout Africa, where he shared time with Dr. Leaky at Olduvai Gorge in 1973, and became inspired by the colors of India and a visit to the Taj Mahal. Fascination with French antiquities, romance, colors and sense of style led to an invitation to visit Hubert Givenchy at his residence in Paris in 2002. Another adventure, an afternoon spent chatting with Lord Lambton at Villa Cetinale near Siena, Italy was the highlight of 1992.
     Although Grevstad’s modern interiors never venture far from classic references, he prides himself on speaking first to the clients’ needs, and then to creating sleek, sumptuous and serene surroundings.
“We are a turnkey design firm that is very technically driven,” says Grevstad. Grevstad designs everything from interior architecture to furniture, lighting, carpets, fabrics, millwork and accessories. He will even set the table for the clients before they move in. Projects encompass the selection of all components of the architectural envelope and the assessment of all site conditions which are essential to the Grevstad design practice. Christian has garnered collaboration with a myriad of support services from like-minded professional colleagues, fabricators, and esteemed artisans.
     GREVSTAD - Interior Design Firm, which specializes in residential, yacht, retail and hospitality Interior Design, has been the recipient of many fine accolades and awards for its design projects and the subject of numerous national & international magazine articles. The firm has a gifted and supportive staff at all levels. Their support is paramount to Christian’s personal involvement as they have the professional expertise, talent and experience to execute all phases of the design process.
     The ‘GREVSTAD COLLECTION’ was launched in 2003 offering bench made furniture & bespoke textiles. An integral design element in his career has been the design and construction of contemporary furniture and hand-woven textiles. It was from that focus that the collection was designed. Grevstad almost solely utilizes local makers of both textiles and furniture in his collection. It is represented in designer showrooms located across the USA and Europe.
     Grevstad’s design firm located in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square District also showcases a Fine Art Gallery Space exhibiting notable artists & unique objets d’art. We welcome visitors M-F 10-5.
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